Why Safety Netting?


  • Use of Safety Nets addresses the fundamentals of concerns of the Worksafe N.Z & the industry fight to reduce injury & death  from working at heights.
  • The Nets provide a collective passive safety solution for potential falls.
  • The installation of safety netting offers unhindered & increased movement for workers above the net while offering total protection within the affected area below for others to work.
  • Safety Nets have been used in commercial applications for several years but more recently have been adopted by the residential building sector.
  • The benefits of Safety Netting are rapidly becoming apparent & are now a mandatory Worksafe N.Z expectation as an internal Fall Safe Mechanism option.
  • Installations require specialty manufactured nets meeting European Standard EN 1263-1
  • Installation must by carried out by a certified rigger meeting the criteria as outline by the EN 1263-2 standard.
  • We use the internationally recognised Rombull Ronet Safety Nets which meet the rigorous standards outlined above. Each net has a unique serial number to ensure it is compliant & suitable for its purpose. The nets are also tested  for U.V degradation on an annual basis.